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Downloads of Technical White Papers on Control Issues

Here are some White Papers concerning control systems issues. We hope that you find them of interest and possibly of help to your activities. These files are in PDF format. To download and read these files you will need Adobe Acrobat - available free from Adobe.

English White Papers Downloads:

Español Descargas de Artículos:

Servo Control Systems 1 - DC Servomechanisms (149kb) Sistemas de Servo Control 1 - DC Servomecanismos (149kb)
Servo Control Systems 2 - Digital Servomechanisms (404kb) Sistemas de Servo Control 2 - Servomechanismos Digitales (404kb)
Coupled Tanks Systems 1 (163kb) Sistemas de Tanques Acoplados 1 (163kb)
Ball and Beam 1 - Basics (160kb) Bola y Balancín 1 - Basicos (160kb)
Ball and Beam 2 - Robust Control (136kb) Bola y Balancín 2 - Control Robusto (136kb)
Ball and Hoop 1 - Basics (345kb) Bola y Aro 1 - Básicos (345kb)
Ball and Hoop 2 - Control and Analysis (417kb) Bola y Aro 2 - Control y Análisis (417kb)
Coupled Drives 1 - Basics (355kb) Motores Acoplados 1 - Basicos (355kb)
Coupled Drives 2 - Control and Analysis (579kb) Motores Acoplados 2 - Control y Análisis (579kb)
Frequency Response Analysis 1 - CSP Version (92kb) Análisis de Respuesta en Frecuencia 1 - Versión CSP (92kb)
Frequency Response Analysis 2 - Solartron Version (279kb) Análisis de Respuesta en Frecuencia 2 - Versión Solartron (279kb)
Three Term Control (295kb) Control de Tres Términos (295kb)
Fuzzy Logic Systems (453kb) Sistemas Lógicos Confusos (453kb)
Programmable Logic Control (183kb) Control Lógico Programable (183kb)
Phase Locked Loops (147kb) Lazos de Fase Cerrada (147kb)
Engine Speed Control (446k) Control de Velocidad de Motor (446kb)
Digital Logic Systems (441k) Sistemas Lógicos Digitales (441kb)
Process Control (103k)

Video Downloads

English Video Downloads:

Español Descargas de Video:

Ball and Hoop video clips (929kb) Sistema de Pelota y Aro: video clips (929kb)
Ball and Beam video clips (1.41Mb) Sistema de Balancín y Pelota: video clips (1.41Mb)
Coupled Drives video clips (1.4Mb) Transmisiones Acopladas: video clips (1.4Mb)

e-book Downloads

Introduction to Physical System Modelling (2.22Mb)


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