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Control Systems Principles is a Cheshire (UK) based organisation that specialises in the modelling, design and development of teaching aids for the practical understanding of control systems engineering and theory. We also do research and give talks on understanding neurodegenerative diseases based on mathematical models of disease mechanisms. Our special expertise is in the modelling and analysis of Parkinson's disease.

Teaching and Training in Systems, Dynamics and Control

At Control Systems Principles, we believe the best way to understand control is by first learning about real problems using real systems, and then developing mathematical models of the same systems. That's why we engineered the hardware described at the links Teaching Equipment and recommend the modelling and simulation tools at the link Modelling and Simulation. Using scale modesl of realistic equipment, students learn by tackling control problems with the dynamic behaviour typically found in the field. Based on this, the transition to mathematical modelling of the same systems feels natural and necessary. The web-based material is supported by free downloadable white papers and videos.


We are also publishing and distributing a book - A New Look at Disease - that introduces a new systems approach to understanding Parkinson's disease. More details and how to buy the book is given on the Books link. For specific information on Parkinson's disease go to the information web site Systems of Parkinson's



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